Protective Film Manufacturer

Protective Film Manufacturer

Close-up of one of our machines.

Ricochet Protects is a manufacturer of protective film based in the USA.  We don’t just sell items off a shelf, we manufacture our film from beginning to end. Our 12 mil, 19 mil, and 40 mil Clear Gloss Films, our Colored Gloss Films, as well as our 9 mil Matte Film are all made in our manufacturing building in Blairsville GA. We laminate the product into large rolls which we then convert down depending on the end application.

We don’t stop making our product after it is freshly laminated.  We can take our protective film rolls and convert them into pretty much any shape and size.  We can die cut, slit, and sheet most any of our products into whatever shape you desire. One part of our manufacturing process that makes us stand out from the crowd of protective film manufacturers is our converting capabilities.

Our ability to die-cut, slit, and sheet our products keeps the money in your wallet. In most cases, you will have to order the protective film and send it to a converter, where the converter will take the bulk rolls and cut it down for you.  We eliminate the middleman by doing all the converting in house.  Dealing with two companies that need to make profit is not a cost effective way to purchase protective film.

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