Protective Film for Labels

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to your product is having a product, instruction, or warning label peel off.  Labels require minimal development, and are designed to stick to the product while providing valuable information to the consumer.  However, a simple peel-and-stick label sometimes doesn’t do what it should.  Sometimes the label just wants to peel-up.

Label protection film

Matte protective film keeping label in good condition in high-abuse environment.

It may be the reaction to tough conditions or the adhesive not being strong enough, but either way, the result is the same – valuable customer information is lost or damaged.

There are quite a few protective films for labels on the market, and a majority of the protective films available are designed as a light-tack over-laminate. Light-tack over-laminates are designed to protect labels from light abuse such as scratching and light peeling.  In some cases over-laminates will do the job, but not all cases.

We have found some cases to require a stronger, more durable film to protect the label.  If your label needs protecting from washing cycles, heat cycles, scratching, or other strong environmental factors, a simple over-laminate will not do the job.  I encourage you to look at the factors causing label damage and decide what type of label protection you need.  We offer you strong Clear Gloss Protective Films and Clear Matte Protective Films as a heavy-duty over-laminate for your labels.

If you have any questions regarding what label protection film you may need, feel free to contact us.

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