Protective Film in Manufacturing

Manufacturing protective film

Not too long ago, I received an inquiry about using our film during the manufacturing process.  The idea was to protect a component during manufacturing, and to remove the protective film after the manufacturing process was complete.  After discussing the company’s needs, and some internal testing, we found our 12 mil Clear Gloss film would […]

Protective Film for Labels

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to your product is having a product, instruction, or warning label peel off.  Labels require minimal development, and are designed to stick to the product while providing valuable information to the consumer.  However, a simple peel-and-stick label sometimes doesn’t do what it should.  Sometimes the label […]

The Value of Scratch Protection

Furniture scratch protection

Over the days, weeks, months and years you have lived, you have received your fair share of scrapes, scratches and bruises.  Within the first couple of days the scratch is sore and red.  In a few more days the scratch heals remarkably and, as the days go on, it disappears altogether.  Humans are remarkable creatures; […]