New Product: 8 mil Matte PVC

PVC matte protective filmWe are excited to announce a release of a new product: 8 mil Clear Matte PVC.  This new matte protective film is a more economical option than our 8 mil Matte TPU.  Available with two different adhesive configurations and multiple adhesive thicknesses (actual thickness will vary from 8-11 mils depending on the adhesive thickness).  The different adhesive options will allow us to choose the right adhesive for your specific application.  The 8 mil Matte PVC film is an adhesive-backed protective film that can be used for privacy screens, electronic protection, label protection, bike protection, and vibration dampening.

8 mil Matte PVC Film Highlights:

  • 6 mil matte PVC film with high-tack adhesive options.
  • UV stable film and adhesive for long-term outdoor applications
  • High-tack adhesives for long-term surface protection.
  • Flexible film good on curved surfaces.
  • Initial repositionability if alignment is incorrect.
  • Easy to trim during and after installation.
  • Moderate abrasion resistance.
  • Matte film makes excellent privacy screen.

In an effort to bring you the best in long-term surface protection, we are constantly developing new products for new industries.  If you have a request for a product that we currently don’t have or one we do, please contact us to let us know what you need.

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