Custom Designed Protective Film for Small Jobs

Custom Designed Protective Film

Many protective film manufacturers provide large bulk roll services and nothing more.  Unfortunately, a business model that is focused on large customers alienates potential small clients.  Why push away smaller customers that need a custom designed protective film? That is why we offer converting services for all of our products.  We believe that all customers, […]

New Product: 8 mil Matte PVC

PVC matte protective film

We are excited to announce a release of a new product: 8 mil Clear Matte PVC.  This new matte protective film is a more economical option than our 8 mil Matte TPU.  Available with two different adhesive configurations and multiple adhesive thicknesses (actual thickness will vary from 8-11 mils depending on the adhesive thickness).  The […]

Protective Film for Labels

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to your product is having a product, instruction, or warning label peel off.  Labels require minimal development, and are designed to stick to the product while providing valuable information to the consumer.  However, a simple peel-and-stick label sometimes doesn’t do what it should.  Sometimes the label […]

How to Choose a Clear Plastic Protective Film

If you are looking for a clear plastic protective film, you will undoubtedly find a ton of products during a Google search.  There are tons of manufacturers that make and distribute protective film.  When dealing with an industry as flooded as the protective film industry, you must be careful, take your time, and do your […]