Protective Film Manufacturer

Protective Film Manufacturer

Ricochet Protects is a manufacturer of protective film based in the USA.  We don’t just sell items off a shelf, we manufacture our film from beginning to end. Our 12 mil, 19 mil, and 40 mil Clear Gloss Films, our Colored Gloss Films, as well as our 9 mil Matte Film are all made in our manufacturing […]

Protective Film in Manufacturing

Manufacturing protective film

Not too long ago, I received an inquiry about using our film during the manufacturing process.  The idea was to protect a component during manufacturing, and to remove the protective film after the manufacturing process was complete.  After discussing the company’s needs, and some internal testing, we found our 12 mil Clear Gloss film would […]

Custom Designed Protective Film for Small Jobs

Custom Designed Protective Film

Many protective film manufacturers provide large bulk roll services and nothing more.  Unfortunately, a business model that is focused on large customers alienates potential small clients.  Why push away smaller customers that need a custom designed protective film? That is why we offer converting services for all of our products.  We believe that all customers, […]

New Product: 8 mil Matte PVC

PVC matte protective film

We are excited to announce a release of a new product: 8 mil Clear Matte PVC.  This new matte protective film is a more economical option than our 8 mil Matte TPU.  Available with two different adhesive configurations and multiple adhesive thicknesses (actual thickness will vary from 8-11 mils depending on the adhesive thickness).  The […]