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Surface Protection Films & Tapes

Ricochet Protects Protective Film Company
Ricochet Protects Protective Film Company
Ricochet Protects Protective Film Company

Ricochet Protects is a manufacturer of custom protective film products.


All of our products are 100% Made in the USA!


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Graffiti is extremely difficult to clean up.  Our anti-graffiti film creates a clear protective layer that removes graffiti easily from glass.


Certain labels in the marketplace need some heavy-duty protection.  Our clear label protection tapes are perfect as a high-strength over-laminate for those labels.

Due to the thickness & impact resistance nature of our products, our customers have also found they are excellent as a transparent  tape solution to vibration dampening or rattles.


Some surfaces can get heavily scratched with regular use.  Our protective films provide a durable layer of protection for those surfaces.



Any automotive, construction, or commercial application can take some really high-impact abuse.  Our films act

as a protective shield to stop the damage

Scuffs can mar the surface to many doors, furniture, or walls in high traffic areas.

Our surface protection films creates a barrier to eliminate the damage.

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Surfaces being used regularly take all kinds of abuse and wear.  Sometimes you need to maintain a high standard of quality for your brand.  With that high standard requires constant maintenance to keep surfaces looking new and clean.  If you have a hard, smooth surface that is taking constant wear, then we have a perfect cost-saving solution for you.  


Ricochet products are high-strength transparent protective films designed to protect surfaces from the common wear and tear causes as seen below.  This allows the Ricochet products to serve unlimited marketplace uses.  Including heavy-duty equipment, tabletops, furniture legs or siding, label overlamination, boat interiors, bicycle frames, paddleboards or canoes, golf carts or fork lifts, grocery scanners, aviation, and more!  Bring us your surface protection need and we'll find a solution!