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Surface Protection Films & Tapes

Ricochet Protects Protective Film Company
Ricochet Protects Protective Film Company
Ricochet Protects Protective Film Company

Ricochet Protects is a manufacturer of custom protective film products.


All of our products are 100% Made in the USA!


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Our Clear Glass films are optically clear & are used for an anti-graffiti film and anti-shatter film.  This 5 mil film removes easily & cleanly after long-term use.


A great selection of PVC & TPU based "helicopter tape" style clear gloss protective films & tapes.  Ranging

from 6 to 40 mils thickness.




A variety of translucent protective tapes for your matte surface finish needs.  PVC or TPU based in 6 mils thickness.  Available with a 2 mil pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive.

If you need to change light optics, we have 9 different colored & tinted shades of transparent films.  All have a glossy surface finish and available with or without adhesive.

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Clear Gloss Protective FilmClear Matte Protective FilmRed Protective FilmAnti-graffiti glass protection film

We have a variety of heavy-duty & long-term surface protection film & tape products that stem from the classic "helicopter tape".  Our clear tapes range from 6 to 40 mils thickness.  We also have transparent colors or even translucent films with a matte surface finish.  We work with your product developers or engineers to choose & develop the best film or tape for your needs.  Any one of the products you choose will provide the necessary strength & durability needed to prevent you from having to repair or maintain that surface any more.  Our products are UV stable & designed to last many years, even outdoors!  Learn more below or contact us today to resolve your wear & tear problem.